The KPU-S347 delivers exceptional direct thermal printing capability for self-service kiosk and ATM applications. The printer offers 2″ and 3″ variable print width settings, and is available in vertical and horizontal mechanical orientations, providing critical design flexibility. Combining high speed printing, integrated auto-cutter, presenter with retractor, and embedded bar codes, means users rapidly receive crisp, [...]



The 3″ APU-9347 kiosk printer, with the best-in-class CAP9000 direct thermal printer mechanism, provides an ideal solution for tackling rugged self-service applications. Rated for a minimum of 150 km total printing and at least 1,000,000 cuts, the APU-9347 does not quit. 10″ diameter paper roll support means lower operating costs and an impressive 8″/second print [...]

APU-9000-C Series


  New C series kiosk printers set the standard for performance and reliability in self-service. That means a better user experience and lower operating costs. And, with a sleek new design, you get more integration flexibility. Small. C series kiosk printers fit into tight spaces. With an innovative small footprint design, these units provide the [...]

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The latest addition to our line-up of wireless, mobile printers is the MPU-L465. With its Bluetooth communications and durable design, the MPU-L465 is ideal for environments like warehousing and distribution, production control, field sales and service, medical and healthcare, point-of-sale, and test and measurement. It can handle… The latest addition to our line-up of wireless, [...]