LTPF Series


    The LTPF series direct thermal printer mechanisms deliver exceptional 2″ and 3″ point of sale printing solution alternatives. Key features for POS applications include: 220 mm/sec maximum print speed, EZ-OP clamshell paper replacement, integrated platen latch, and optional auto-cutter and winder unit. All models are available with either an interface board, or processor, [...]

LTP2000 Series


The versatile LTP2000 direct thermal printer mechanism series delivers exceptional value with proven 2″, 3″ and 4″ models. The ability to print both receipts and labels, coupled with straight and curved paper path alternatives, and an auto-cutter rated for up to 300,000 cuts, enables these units to tackle the broadest array of applications, including medical [...]

LTPG247 and CAPG247


The LTPG247 and CAPG247 (with auto-cutter) are small footprint, high performance, 24V 2“ direct thermal printer mechanisms. With EZ-OP clamshell paper replacement, these proven mechanisms are ideal for integrating into point-of sale systems, medical devices, test and measurement hardware, and more. Both models can be integrated with either the IFG001 interface board or the PTG00P01 [...]

CAP9000 and LTP9000 Series


Outdoor printing applications demand rugged technology for unforgiving environments. The innovative CAP9000 series and LTP9000 series (without cutter) answer this challenge with best-in-class, durable, high-performance, compact designs, supporting 2-3″ print widths. These dynamic 24-volt mechanisms are ideal for self service applications including kiosks and ATMs where space is at a premium and reliability is a [...]

24V LTPD and CAPD Series Printer Mechanisms


OVERVIEW New 24V LTPD and CAPD (with auto-cutter) series printer mechanisms help engineers solve the challenges of designing smaller, more robust, more reliable devices. And by offering greater design flexibility and industry leading value, these embedded printers are the ideal solution for meeting aggressive product release timelines and cost targets. Small Form Factor LTPD and [...]